Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween Recap

My apologies for the delay in getting our Halloween Recap posted for all of you. We had a great Halloween and always look forward to this holiday - it's all about just plain ole fun!

Tanner & David

Me & Tanner

Tanner - begging us to take his prisoner costume off of him.

Our neighbors all dressed up for the festivities.

Michael & Alex
Look at that adorable Wall-E costume that his parents made!

We hope everyone enjoyed Halloween as much as we did.


Brooke G. said...

Poor Tanner! He looks adorable though. I love Michaels WallE costume - I had no idea they made that! Awesome ;)

Fryer Family said...

Tanner looked SO cute! I love all of the kids and adult's Halloween costumes. We enjoy Halloween too:)

Anonymous said...