Monday, September 21, 2009

Bedroom Decor Inspiration

One of my favorite websites to visit for decorating inspiration for our home is and in particular the Rate My Space section of the website. I really enjoy cruising through and looking at how others decorate the various rooms in their house and you can leave feedback and rate their rooms as well. It's also a great way to ask others for their opinions and they are not shy about providing it! I've posted pictures of our basement/family room, bathroom, and living room. I've gotten good ratings on the basement and bathroom but not so much on the living room. While I got lots of feedback I could use, others I think just like to be negative and they typically are the one's that aren't brave enough to post pictures of their own rooms - go figure.

I've been working on our bedroom and most recently found the perfect lamps for the nightstands at Homegoods and hung curtains and artwork. The last step is really to find the perfect bedding, which I still haven't been able to manage and then some last minute accessorizing. My criteria is simple - needs to be affordable (not easy), washable (for Tanner), and have a pattern that I love (nothing frilly), and still on the neutral side with a small punch of color.

Since I'm in the "finish that bedroom" mode, I thought I would share a few (ok-16) bedrooms that I really like for different reasons. I hope you find them inspiring too.

Look at that ceiling - breathtaking.

Love the bedspread with the ruching and I already have that circle pillow.

Headboard is beutiful and almost as good as my DIY headboard!

Simple and well balanced.

I love everything in this room. The bedding, chandelier, headboard, lamps, bench, and monogramed pillow.

The ceiling - need I say more? Oh look at that view!

I like the neutral colors and the black. Very pulled together but not too matchy/matchy.

Ok, I LOVE this bedding which he purchased at Dillard's. I searched the website high and low and couldn't find it. I really like the Damask design and it's light blue - exactly what I want. Any suggestions on where to get something similar?

The touch of green in the pillows and artwork I really like. Subtle....

This picture doesn't give the room justice - the other pictures show the details and this gentlemen (yes men sure can decorate) changes the room every season.

Did you notice the lighting under the bed? They used rope lighting and attached it with x-mas light hangers and you have instance lighting ambience.

Like the punch of green.

Love the bed - way out of my cheapskate price range. Also the comforter is perfect once again.

Stripes on the wall and crown molding.

Love the rug, throw blanket and artwork.

Leather bed, beautiful lamps, and punch of blue elegance.

Another well balanced room about the same size as ours.

I hope you enjoyed my tour de bedrooms courtesy of Rate My Space. And if your interested in checking out some of the rooms I posted just click here. I hope your bedroom is a relaxing retreat for you but if not, dive in and look for some inspiration to get you started.

Night night.

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