Monday, September 7, 2009

Another Day at the Ballpark

Dave and I celebrated Labor Day at Miller Park in Milwaukee and watched the Cardinals beat the Brewers 3-0. We had fantastic seats and the new camera lens allowed us to really get some close photos of my hubby's man crush, Pujols. As you can see, we got tons of pictures of him and I can see why Dave likes him so much, he is one talented man!

Dave sporting his Cardinals gear.

You can't see it well but David got me this Cardinals shirt a while ago and I finally got to wear it.

Beautiful stadium.
Batting practice is the place to go. Dave only wished that was him on the field with Pujols!

I liked this view as well :)
He is concentrating after a few swings.

Finally, Holliday was nice enough to come over to give some autographs, could we be any closer? Too bad we forgot the Sharpie but we let the kids get the autographs to avoid getting mobbed by all of the kids - they are serious about autographs!

Finally some action, we were in the 9th row next to 1st base so lots of pictures of Pujols once again.

Another one of Pujols (sorry but hubby loves him).

Last but not least this is when some runs were finally scored. We were so excited that we weren't able to keep the camera steady and the anti-shake lens didn't help on this shot but you get the picture. It was an awesome day spent with the hubby.
Cardinals 3
Brewers 0

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