Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blogs I Adore - Just A Girl

Chris from Just A Girl is like the girl next door that you just love to be around and her blog is plump full of fun things to try yourself. What I love about Chris is that she blogs about projects and stuff that in real life that we often struggle with. For example, I was rolling on the floor laughing when she posted pictures of her husband trying to fix the washing machine - he took the pieces apart and ultimately Chris ended up with a new washer. I thought for a moment that it was my hubby in those pictures, take it apart, and pray it gets reassembled properly without too much damage.

In addition to blogging about life, Chris blogs about DIY projects, shares others creative talents with her readers, is very organized (love it), and is thrifty to top it off. Were we separated at birth? We really have similar styles and I feel at home when I read her blog each day regularly. (Cool I just had to try this new strikethrough feature and it really worked). 

Here's a few projects that you may enjoy.

Look at this armoire that Chris refurbished. If you are wondering how she made this go from out-dated to chic, then check out her blog for details here. Here grandparents were kind enough to let her take a few things from their home and I love how this family treasure can look at home in her more modern house.

Don't you love the new hardware? Those drawer pulls are gorgeous.

Then when she organized craft supplies for her kids, I thought wow - she can make recycling soup cans even better by using them to hold pencils, markers, and paint brushes. I love how it's all in one place. I like the idea for my scraproom.

I love this very orderly area of the house where the organization station resides. The vinyl calendar that she purchased from SayItWithStyle on Etsy has me very interested in making my very first Etsy purchase (hard to believe I know). How perfect especially since I constantly am erasing and crossing out things on the calendar as things change.

In addition to the calendar, she has baskets for all of those school papers, library books, and miscellaneous receipts that need a home when you come in and/or out of the house and don't want to forget anything. I just love this and only wish I had a mudroom or larger entry way so I could have a command center organization station.

Last but not least, isn't that artwork soothing and gorgeous for a bathroom? I love it and can you believe that she made it herself? I love how simple artwork can be if you branch out a little bit. Stop buying artwork, especially if you change your mind a lot like me, and put your creativity to work. It's so much more meaningful to look at art you created versus purchasing it.

I hope you visit Just A Girl's blog, I can guarantee you fill find something to tickle your fancy.


Lynda @ SportsMadGirl said...

Visiting for the first time from Just A Girl. I too adore her blog.

So your hubby has a man crush on Albert Pujols, I just love that! I'm really, who wouldn't :)

Hope you have a great Thursday and fill free to stop by @

Lynda @ SportsMadGirl said...

Now if only I could spell. UGH!
I meant "feel" free not fill. What can I say I was a math major :)