Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wine, Cheese & Chatter - party invite

My friend Sue is having a Wine and Cheese Tasting Party at her house and of course I jumped at the chance to help out. I had a few ideas in mind for the invitations and she let me run with the idea of something simple like an invitation that looks like swiss cheese. I love the simple look of the invitation because it speaks to the sophisticated type of party that she is trying to create. The invitation sets the stage for the party and I think the simple black and merlot colored font is the icing on the cake. All we need are merlot colored envelopes and they are all set to go off in the mail.

To create the swiss cheese look, I used two different sized punches including the standard paper punch and then a 1/2 inch punch. My hand got quite the exercise with punching, and punching, and punching a few more holes in the invitea. Not only did I get the invitations done, I also have a big pile of confetti too. Hmmm......what could I do with that?

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Brooke G. said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the finished product! How stinkin cute are those invites!?!? You are such a great friend ;)