Friday, May 22, 2009

Celebrating my 100th Post - Giveaway

Note: Picture Frame only - other decorations not included
Must supply own picture too :)

I can't believe that this is my 100th post and I've been agonizing all week about what I am going to do which is why it's taken me so long to post this. When I started this blog I thought it would be a great way to keep my friends and family up to date on what is going on but I realized over time that this has become an outlet for me and more of an online journal. While I know that many readers don't know me personally, I enjoy sharing with others my many creative projects and things that I'm loving. Blogging for me is like writing in a journal and has become a bit of an addiction for me.

To celebrate my 100th post, it's time for my 1st giveaway! I'm giving away this modern picture frame in black that I picked up from Target. The rules to enter are simple:
  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me what you enjoy most about blogs. (I know this may be a challenge for some of my family and friends but I know you can do it.)
  2. If you "follow" my blog and leave a comment your name goes into the raffle 3 times so this is a great way to increase your odds.
  3. Winners will be drawn on Friday, May 29th and you can only enter once per email address.
  4. Will ship only to the continental U.S. (sorry Hawaii and Alaska)

Rules are pretty simple aren't they? I'm really look forward to hearing from all of you out there. Good luck!!!!


Brooke G. said...

Happy 100th post.... (I never thought of keeping track!) How exciting.
Anyway, I think my odds are pretty good to win the frame - hopefully everyone else misses this one - HA HA!!!
I love reading blogs so I can learn more about my hobbies (i.e. photography/scrapping) to stay in touch with friends (i.e. YOU) and to make me feel like a more normal parent (i.e. reading others parenting woes makes ME feel so much better!!!)

PS. Tell Dave that we didn't forget about his sunglasses - they are on the way!

Mom said...

"Celebrating your 100th Post - Giveaway". That is a nice frame, expecially with a picture of new granddaughter, or grandniece. We got a picture with her eyes open. This is my granddoughter Aubrey K. Fryer. Did you hear about the new diapers that turn a different color when wet? What's next.

Your blog has kept me up to date with what you are doing since we do not live that close to visit everyday. I see you live a very busy life and do not forget a thing. Your blog is a history you share with your family. I can't visit your scrap book every day, but i can visit your blog everyday.

I've looked into your blog to see that rain barrel. You should have taken that offer to let Grandpa and your Dad set it up. Results dear, results. Picture of the first time you use it to put water in your beautiful water garden.

If you need help with the garden, call home. Wednesday may look good. Grandpa can make box. Have you tried tomatoes from bag, upside down? Strawberries come that way too. Come on GIRL !!!

Fryer Family said...

Here's to your 100th post! What I like most about blogs (well, your blog) is being able to see what you, Dave and Tanner are up to. It's nice to read about your projects and events you have going on in your life.

Dee said...

I am new to the blog world and your blogs, but I never knew you had such a creative spirit. I feel like I learn something new about you (and usually Dave, too) every time I read it.
Happy 100th!