Friday, May 15, 2009

Blogs I Adore - Bower Power

It's Friday and despite my weekend away, I couldn't miss out on posting another post for my "blogs that I adore" series. I visit A LOT of blogs and about 50 of them I visit regularly for some inspiration, laughs, or even to be a little noisy (come on - you have to admit it too). Katie from Atlanta has a blog called "Bower Power" and writes about her life as a girl with a new husband that lives in the burbs. She writes a lot about decorating, nesting, and remodeling as well and has the best sense of humor. I guarantee that she will make you laugh over and over again - I know it makes me come back time and time again.

I thought I would share a couple of cool projects she recently posted about on her blog. Above you can see the frame and the numbers that she decoupaged. I love the look of this handmade art and to see how she did it here.

I love the look and feel of beachy decor items in my house. It reminds me of summer, vacation, and relaxing days with my toes between the sand. I love having that feel in my house and am known for having shells, sand, and other nautical items in my bedroom. In this post, Katie shows us how she made some beachy decor for her office. I love that instead of buying art - she makes it which saves lots of money and makes it more special.

I hope you stop by and check out her blog and enjoy it as much as I do. She is a barrel of laughs and is full of great ideas.


Katie said...

Hi Melissa - thank you so much for the bloggie lovin! I love hearing feedback from peeps and your write up totally had me blushing!

XO - Katie

Brooke G. said...

I checked out Bower Power and it is really cute ;)
Thanks for sharing!!!!!