Friday, May 29, 2009

Blogs I Adore - Centsational Girl

Kate from Centsational Girl is one fabulous lady and when I came across her blog, I began doing somersaults and cartwheels and wondering where she had been my whole life. She has an eye for quality but knows that it doesn't have to cost a fortune to decorate your home the way that you would like to. Kate lives in California and knows how to bargain hunt and cruise the local thrift stores and websites such as Craigslist to find her next project, bargain, or inspirational piece. I hope you stop by her blog for some inspiration and because I like to tease everyone, I've included a couple of her projects below for your viewing pleasure.

The first project below has me wanting to decorate a little girl's room in our house so that I can paint this adorable 3-D cherry tree in one of our guest rooms. Maybe all of my nieces will frequent the house more often so I have a good excuse to paint this (it's worth a try, right?). Kate has step-by-step instructions on her blog and after looking through it, it left me thinking - I can do that now that the steps have been broken down. Adding the shelves and the bird cage also had me swooning.

If the cherry tree wasn't enough to get your blood pumping then check out this recycled jewelry holder that was made from a broken picture frame. This was another project made for her daughter and I'm thinking she is one lucky little lady.

Last but not least was the custom counter stools that took this standard counter height stools from boring to custom using a little bit of foam, fabric, and batting. I think this is something I'll need to try later this summer, we have been looking for the right counter height stools for 2 1/2 years and I think this maybe the way to go. Stay tuned - I may have something up my sleeve.


Brooke G. said...

Okay - you are going to have to stop this segment! You are turning me into even MORE of a blogging addict than I used to be. I love her site! Great projects ;) Thanks for sharing all your great "finds!"

Centsational Girl said...

You are the sweetest to say such things about lil' ol me. I am blushing over here. Thank you so much.

If you've got some projects to submit, I am building a "Links Library" this weekend. Email me ! And huge giveaway tomorrow.