Monday, April 26, 2010

Tanner's Eye Surgery

Our "bubby" (baby + puppy) Tanner had eye surgery on Friday. We've known for about 2 months that he would need surgery to remove a growth on his eyelid that was starting to affect his vision but it took us a while to get used the idea and get it scheduled. We knew he would be fine but we also knew that there is always risk when anestheia is involved. Prior to his surgery we spoiled him rotten with lots of exercise, treats, and loads of love. On Friday morning David had a talk with Tanner and he said his response back was "don't worry I've got too much to live for and I promise not to flat-line". Thanks honey - I'm glad you got that cleared up with Tanner before heading into surgery.

I took Tanner to the vet and we got there a little early, I guess I was anxious to get this over with. I did really well until I said my goodbye's and walked out the door. I was strong for "bubby" because he feeds off of my emotions but I got to the car and then cried. I cried because now his life was in someone else's hands not my own and leaving so much faith in others hands was hard.

I then anxiously waited at home until  I got the phone call 4 hours later that the surgery went well and he was rearing to get home soon. They said you could hardly tell he was under anestheia and was recovering well. Music to our ears! David was so anxious to see him that he left work early to pick him up. So Mommy is the one that drops him off but Daddy get to rescue him - hmmm.....!

When he got home I expected him to be back to normal but little did I know that it took up to 24 hours for all of the medication to wear off. He was one doped up doggy that night! I think part of it was the adjustment to the lovely e-collar he has to wear for 10 days but the running into the walls and not being able to get around was unexpected. He was so tired and needed to sleep but he kept fighting it. Finally when he fell asleep he made the weirdest sounds ever. He normally doesn't make a peep when he sleeps but all night long I heard barking, howling, snoring, and snorting. He slept better than we did that night because I thought at one time that he couldn't breathe. I guess those drugs had him taking the deepest sleep ever!

We woke up the next day and ended up spoon feeding him to get him to eat and drink. He just couldn't figure out how to do it with that darn e-collar on. It reminded us of the first few days we had him as a puppy. We eventually got him to drink and eat on his own which was a big relief because we had until noon to get him to do it otherwise it was back to the vet to get hydrated. Once we got past that hurdle, the rest of the day he started to come around and now it's like he has forgotten all about the surgery and the e-collar.

We head back to the vet in 10 days to get the stitches removed but it looks like his eye is going to heal nicely and it's likely he won't be slant-eyed ever after. He does have the cutest eyes ever!

Friday night after surgery - one doped up doggy!
On the road to recovery.


Nancy said...

The poor little guy! I hope he's back to normal very soon.


Emily {Frilly Details} said...

Awww, Tanner! I'm glad he's recovering well. His e-collar looks a lot nicer than Stan's! I better not show it to him :) When I dropped him off at the vet hospital I told myself all morning that I wasn't going to cry. Well, I turned into a puddle of tears and it was so embarrassing!! Everyone was so understanding and sweet.

Thanks for adding a post about the giveaway. That was really sweet :)

Brooke G. said...

Oh, poor Tanner. He looks so sad :( Glad he is feeling better though! Hugs!!!

Michelle said...

We are glad that the surgery was good and he is on the way back to his fun self.

Fryer Family said...

Get well soon Tanner!

laser eye correction surgery said...

Well, that's great. After the surgery, "He does have the cutest eyes ever!" good for you tanner.