Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Tanner!

April 17th was Tanner's 6th birthday - can you believe it? I know we can't but we had a great time together at the dog park enjoying the nice weather to try to forget that our baby is growing up. I know some of you think it's silly how much we love our pup but how can you not adore a face like that?!?!?! 

Tanner & Mama
Tanner & Dada
Us Again - Taking a little break.
Tanner gets tired trying to run away from all of the dogs that want to play - he prefers running and getting attention from people not the dogs.
Tanner running like the wind........or for his life, not sure what he was running from or to.
After a workout at the dog park, it was time to hit the Starbucks for Tanner's first "pup cup". He dove right in and loved the whipped cream treat.



Emily {Frilly Details} said...

Happy Birthday, Tanner!! What a fun day :)

Our little Stanley is doing amazing after his surgery. He had dislocated kneecaps (luxated patellas) and they did surgery on both legs. We were very worried what he would be like after the procedure. The first couple of days were pretty rough, but he is one resilient little dog. The hard part is keeping him inactive for the next four weeks. He loves to run and play like Tanner. I hope Tanner does well with his surgery this week. I'll say a little prayer for him :)

Brooke G. said...

Man - I can't believe how OLD he is!!! :D Sounds like he had a swell day - HAPPY BIRTHDAY Buddy!!!!

Fryer Family said...

Happy Birthday Tanner!