Friday, April 9, 2010

On the Shores of Southern California

I spent the week in Southern California for work and had a little spare time on Wednesday to hit the shore before the sun set. Being only 5 minutes away it was an easy drive to a local State Park for some breathtaking views of the beautiful coastline.

First I hit a local outdoor mall called "Fashion Island" and that it was. There were just as many little dogs as their were people at this mall and they were all allowed to go in and out stores like it was no big deal. Many of the stores even had dog bowls of cold water for the dogs to get a refreshing drink. I was in heaven when I saw that but I really missed Tanner when I ventured into a pet store to see all of the little puppies. I started snapping pictures and sending them to Dave because I seriously pondered bringing one of them back home with me. We've been thinking about getting another puppy but I don't think getting one from a pet store (aka puppy mill) is the right thing to do.

The photo above was taken from Fashion Island - steps away from the water
Crystal Cove State Park
Seriously - cactus next to the beach?

I absolutely LOVE Southern California and would move there in a second - I only need to convince David that living in a 1 bedroom apartment isn't that bad is it? After being in SoCal once again and loving every minute, I think it inspired our next vacation. I think I convinced the hubby that we should fly to the West Coast and rent a car and drive down the coast and end up in San Diego - I LOVE that place too! What do you think, does that sound like fun or what? If I can't get him to move there, I'll settle for a vacation there.


Nancy said...

I think a vacation in CA is a decent tade-off for not moving there. Glad you enjoyed your trip there!


Terri said...

Great pics Melissa - thanks for the beautiful ocean fix!! Did you read your TNGC book while traveling? I'm transfixed!

Fryer Family said...

Gorgeous! A vacation there would be great. Road trips are the best!