Monday, April 12, 2010

WARNING: Anti-Bacterial Products

One of my best friend's sister, Dr. Sarah Janssen, was on CNN this morning to talk about why the FDA is taking a closer look at a chemical found in many anti-bacterial products. One concern is that the chemical Triclosan has been linked to altering hormone regulation in animals. The FDA also says some anti-bacterial products are no more effective than plain old soap and water. There have been over 30 years of research that has shown that this chemical causes major health issues including infertility. It appears that we have once again fell victim to the marketing schemes that companie's put in place for us to buy more of their products despite a lack of value to the consumer and an increased risk of major side affects as a result.

I hope you take a moment to watch this short clip and learn more about the side affects of the chemical Triclosan that is commonly found in products called "anti-bacterial". Click here to view the clip so that you keep yourself and your family safe from the harm of these chemicals.


shannon said...

Scary! I just found your blog, and glad I did. Thanks for the great info. By the way, I love the background.

Brooke G. said...

SCARY - I will look into it ;D Thanks for the tip!

Fryer Family said...

Thanks for posting this! I really need to spend some time checking labels. We try to be "green" and use natural products so I'm anxious to see what we use that includes these chemicals.