Monday, October 19, 2009

Can I have some Cheese with my Wine?

Do you remember these Wine & Cheese party invites that I made last month? The invites were so much fun to make for my friend Sue's party and setting up for the party was just as much fun. Move over Martha because Melissa and Sue are in the house!

Look at that beautiful spread. Do you feel like you are at a vinyard or what?

Lots of cheese to try (all properly labeled of course).

and a little bit more cheese in case you want more for the palate.

Here's a sampling of the red wines we drank tasted.

In addition to the cheese there was plenty of crackers, breads, grapes, fruit, and hummus to go along with the wine and cheese tasting.

And one last photo for those that missed the festivities.

Helping with the invitations and party planning was so much fun. The best part was that since my friend hosted, I just got to do the fun stuff and not the not so fun stuff such as cleaning. I'd love to host a similar party down the road so that I can taste even more of my friends favorite wines.

P.S. Sorry but no pictures from the actual party because what happens at the party stays at the party! (i.e. No blackmail photos of me people!)


Brooke G. said...

Did someone do a little too much "tasting"???
Looks like the party was a smashing success! I love the idea and the invites are soooo sooooooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the lilies? I don't have any left in my garden. I guess that was the Wild Life. The invitations were Holy for the communion. Next time add smoked fish and invite me too. Very good job the two of you did.