Sunday, October 11, 2009

DIY: How to Paint an Existing Picture Frame

I recently changed the artwork in the guest bedroom and am putting the final touches on that room but this picture below was not working out for me. All of the artwork and frames in this room are black and this frame needed to be no exception. So do I go to Ikea and buy a different frame or use the existing one? You guessed it, I'm way too thrifty to buy a new frame when a can of spray paint will make it look like new.


Add a couple of coats of black spraypaint and watch the magical transformation occur.
(Ok, I know it's a bit dramatic but I'm lovin spraypaint! Where has it been all of my life?)

What a difference, I may have to use that spraypaint on a few other projects around the house.
I'm really tickled pink over this $3 can of paint transformation.
And it looks a lot better with the black and white photo too.

Now the new frame and artwork match the rest of the artwork in the room. All the frames are a bit different so not too matchy/matchy but definately more cohesive.

Now that I'm falling in love with spraypaint, can you please share with me what you like to do with a can of spraypaint? The possibilities are endless and I'm looking for some inspiration.

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Terri said...

what do i love to do with a can of spray paint?? grafitti honey, or...did i spell that correctly? that it? if i had a can of spray paint i'd spray melissa is my inspiration DIVA on a plain old wall somewhere. meanwhile, am suffering blogger's block. thanks for keeping me inspiried sweetie!

Brooke G. said...

It works perfectly in your room - what a transformation!!!! You are an inspiration girl ;)

Michelle said...

OK You need to bring your can of black spray paint to my house and transform some things. I need some art work on my walls! They are bare :-(

Fryer Family said...

The black paint sure made a big difference! It looks really nice in the room.

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

Spray paint is my BFF. It's amazing how quickly you can update a piece.

Mom said...

Where did you get the cool prints of the lake?-- We here will be putting some pictures up somewhere. May try a new place. They are not where they used to be thanks to me. Life goes on. The one with the most fabric wins.

Fryer Family said...

I have had my eye on two brass door knobs in our house for years now. Today was the day I decided to spray paint them. Since we won't be living here much longer I did not want to spend the money on new door knobs, so one bottle of primer, and one bottle of satin nickel was all it took to make them look new and match all of our other doors!!

stacey22 said...

glad i saw this before i trashed my brown frames that weren't working for my house