Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Photo Shoot of Tanner

This past weekend I was finally able to put my new camera lens to use and I had a ball using Tanner has my model. Tanner is a Yorkie/Maltese mix and in our opinion - the cutest dog ever! Honestly, isn't he the cutest? Not only does he have the looks but the personality to match so he's a double bonus in our eyes.
Tanner is a very important piece of our family and we don't know what we would do without him - after a hard day at work, he is eager to welcome you home and make all of your worries fly out the window. We hope you enjoy our little show and tell of our baby Tanner.

We can't resist any pictures with his tongue hanging out, it's just so darn cute.

Here's another one - this is Dave's favorite picture.
Tanner striking his best pose - patiently waiting for the treat I'm bribing him with.
Now for the action shots, look at those ears flying in the wind.
Still jumping for joy.....
and jumping a little higher....
oh look at this leaping in mid air pose....
and he gets a perfect "10" for this jump/twist/somersault in the air...
Last but not least, Tanner running side by side with his buddy Daddy.
P.S. Have you told your pets how much you love them today?
P.S.S. Yes we know we're crazy in love with him but we're ok with that!


Brooke G. said...

Tanner is soooooo darn CUTE!!! New lens? Which one did you get? The fixed 55 that we were talking about???? IF SO, let me know how you like it!!! I was actually researching getting one of my own... would love some feedback!

Mrs. Limestone said...

Great photos. What lens are you using?

Thanks for your post on my blog. I don't have any instructions on how to hang the frame - its just done with some screws and hooks in the back. Kind of like how you'd hang any other frame. Its not connected to the tv in any way. Hope that helps!

Fryer Family said...

He's such an adorable little guy!

Emily {Frilly Details} said...

Those pictures are so adorable! Tanner is too cute :)

I'm just curious about what lens you used. Those are great action shots! I have a Canon DSLR and I'm looking to get a new lens but can't make up my mind.