Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Move Over Cake Boss

Move over Cake Boss, it's my mom's birthday and her cake rocked! My mother turned 60 and a party to celebrate was in order. To pull off a party for her from afar, the family was going to have to pull together and that we sure did. Thanks to my SIL, she was able to work with a friend who decorates cakes and boy did she do an awesome job designing this cake or what? This was her brainchild and I'm so glad it was.

As you can probably guess by the pictures, my mom is a quilter and so this patchwork cake with spools of thread, ribbon, buttons, and needles was something I knew she would be head over heels in love with. Everything is edible and no details were overlooked. When we took the spools of thread off the cake we realized that it even had the bar codes on the bottom, just like the real thing. And the ribbon, yes you guessed it, there was ribbon wrapped around the spool. Oh, did you notice the buttons? - Yup, those are edible too. It was so beautiful that we didn't want to eat it but what's a party without cake?

Happy 60th Birthday Mom!
We love you.


Fryer Family said...

ohhh, the cake pictures turned out great. The party was so wonderful and we were happy to contribute by ordering the cake!!

Michelle said...

Wow that cake is awesome! Let me guess that talented cake lady is in Freeport? I would totally use her if she was close.