Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Stampin Sunday

Card #1
Card #2

Another example of card #1

Brooke and Allison - proud of their creations

Lacey - dreaming about Edward from "Twilight"

Julie - just smiling and shopping away

My mom - just happy to create

Helen - oh so proud of her work and having a ball

The gang all creating.
P.S. Michelle - your picture didn't turn out but I see you down there....

It was a Super Fun Sunday of Stampin and I really enjoyed sharing with others one of the many hobbies that I love. In the world of technology, there still is a place for making a homemade card and sending it to a friend or family member. I keep every single card that someone makes for me including the funny attempt that David made in creating a Valentine's Day card for me. It's the little things in life that people appreciate and it's a creative outlet for those of us that sometimes just need to step outside of reality for a bit. I know everyone was so proud of their creations and I challenge all of them to not keep a hold of the cards but write a heartfelt note inside of it and drop it in the mail - it's sure to bring a smile to the receivers face. And remember - giving and receiving are circular - the more blessings you give, the more that you receive.
P.S.S. Can you tell I've been reading Deepak Chopra for book club?!?!

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Brooke Groelle said...

Cute!!! Love the post ;) It was a FUN party!!!
And LOVE the new LOOK... cute background - it is so YOU!!!! I hope you are having a good weekend!!! PS - Is our stuff in yet?? I can't wait to get my hands on that new paper - ha!