Friday, February 27, 2009

Are Your New Years' Resolutions Flying Away?

Don't let your New Year Resolutions go "flying" out the window, it's not to late to regain focus and have some fun at the same time. When setting your New Years' Resolutions or other goals, they say you should put post-it notes or some other type of reminders around your house to keep them front of mine. I've heard of others doing this with quotes and other bits of inspiration but I prefer a less "cluttered" approach. I like to display or have a place for those items to go and I came across this idea that I can't wait to create! Lia from Maya Road's Design Team came up with this idea to display her resolutions which has allowed her to focus on one resolution per month. This is right up my alley and will be my next project although I may make twist so stay tuned. For more information on this project please check out the Maya Road's blog at

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Brooke Groelle said...

Yes - I am on the darn computer AFTER our scrap night...but I need to unwind. Anyway... THESE ARE STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this idea :)
GREAT job.
See you tomorrow ;)