Sunday, February 15, 2009

"Photographer 2 Be" Scrapbook Layout

I must say that I am quite proud of this scrapbooking layout that I completed of my niece Katie. She is at the age where she loves to imitate adults and I was no exception. I was shooting pictures of her from the backseat because the light was just perfect for snapping pictures. She was very observant and decided that she wanted to take pictures too. Well luckily I had a disposable camera in my purse from my trip to San Diego so I passed it to her. Notice that she still keeps her eye on me while also trying to look through the viewfinder.

In creating this layout, I decided to bring out the red, pink, and purple that was in her sweater and notice all of the cute hearts too. I decided to use her sweater as my inspiration and I think that is what really makes this layout pop. Most of you know how much I love scrapbooking using neutral or fall colors so when I stretch my creativity I think I go all out. I'm thinking about possibly submitting this layout for publication in one of the many scrapbooking magazines so if you have any constructive criticism to make it better before doing so please let me know.


Brooke Groelle said...

I LOVE this one!!!
You should send it in... who knows .... you might soon be famous :)

Terri said...

If only I could be as creative! Great use of texture and patterns. I love it!