Thursday, February 19, 2009

Riding Out the Storm

Battling the storm of life, wind gust by wind gust,
feeling like hibernating from the world until it passes.
Is my life crumbling all around me?
Is it getting harder and harder to keep my chin up
and my head above water?
My confidence is waffling,
my ego has been bruised,
and maybe my pride is a little crushed.
Maybe I'm over-reacting but wait these are still my feelings.
A 2 hour and 15 minute commute to work,
tapping the brakes and praying that I won't slide into the car in front of me.
Playing catch up all day along and getting hit on the head by another whammy.
Gosh I'm glad the day is coming to a close
and oh so very hopeful that tomorrow will be a new day
and hopefully full of sun, love, and a little TLC.


Terri said...

Hey Sweetie, I'm seeing something here. Time to tune in to YOU. Is it not a GOOD THING that NE book club is tomorrow or what? Be the leader in your life, not the follower. That said, I love this post, and the pic! Can't wait to see you at bc tomorrow!

Brooke Groelle said...

Melissa - I hope that today is better. Yikes - sounds like yesterday was one of THOSE days. You are strong... stronger than most people I know. You will get through this. Call me if you need to chat!!!