Saturday, June 13, 2009

What the Hubby Does when I'm Gone

I'm back from Vegas and back to the real world. While I was working hard on my business trip, my hubby decided to tear down our storage room in the garage! He's been begging to do this but I love having temperature controlled storage in the garage and a sink for cleaning up after gardening and painting - but that didn't stop him. I got a text message with this picture attached on Thursday night and I thought I was going to hit the roof but I realize now that this is something he really, really wanted done so he can park his car in the garage. Our driveway is full of drywall, insulation, and studs so I'm so not sure how he plans on getting rid of that and dealing with the electrical and plumbing - this ought to get really interesting soon. Stay tuned.....


Brooke G. said...

Sounds like Dave might be in trouble ;) Hee hee!
I don't blame him though about parking in the garage. It will be nice come winter time! I hope you had a great trip. I am sure we will see some pics soon ;) Missed you at book club. Did you read that book - IT WAS GOOOOOD!!!

Terri said...

Good thing you weren't gone any longer...heaven only knows what he'd of come up with next! Wish you could have stayed at NE book club today. Boy do I have something to share with you!!