Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'll See You Soon Keith!

Besides being absolutely gorgeous (pitter patter pitter patter), Keith Urban is the best country singer around (take that Kenny Chesney) and the meanest guitar player that I've heard. I am so excited to see him in concert on Friday night and I'm sure the show will be even better than last time that I heard him. I've been a fan of Keith's for quite some time but when I heard him in concert playing that guitar and singing away to me - my love for this singer went through the roof. After the long work week is over, I'm really looking forward to this concert.

P.S. Isn't he gorgeous? Even the hubby says he has a "man crush"on him. (I hope he doesn't read this).


Brooke G. said...

Have FUN!!!!
I am sure it will be GREAT!!

And good luck with your photography gig... tips? Hum.... I think you will be one step ahead of me if you can actually understand the language ;)
Oh, and bring your tripod - I left mine at home and it would have come in handy for those shots that I wanted to take without the flash.

Fryer Family said...

We hope you had a lot of fun at the concert!!