Friday, June 19, 2009

Love is in the Air

I'm back from my 2 weeks of traveling for work and I must say - absence does make the heart grow fonder. My hubby truly missed me and it's so lovely when they are able to express that. My last post was about how my hubby decided that "he was bored" and needed to take some walls down in the garage - because I missed him so much, I couldn't even get mad (that's not my norm).

Traveling has prohibited me from blogging and I've had a lot of blog reading to catch up on. This morning I am sitting on the couch with the laptop on my lap, my pup cuddled up next to me (scared of the storms), and reading all of the inspiration that is out in the blogworld. I was visiting Decor 8 Blog and was attracted to all of the posts about "love". What can I say, love is in the air.

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Brooke G. said...

Welcome home! Sooooo sooooo sorry I paid you a visit so early this morning. At least I got you up early so you could catch up on all your blogging.. hee hee!!! Thank me later! :)