Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Delaney: Weeks 3 & 4

We are finally home and settling into a nice routine consisting of lots of diaper changes, feedings, and cuddling. She had her 2 week doctor appointment and we were ecstatic to hear that she weighed 6 lb 6 oz and was 19 1/4" long. She is growing and thankfully breastfeeding is going well.

Week 3:
  • Pediatric appointment - weighs 6 lb 6 oz and is 19 1/4" long at 14 days old.
  • Started tummy time and did well but still prefers her back.
  • Used up those yucky disposable diapers and started cloth diapering!!!!We chose to use Green Mountain Diapers newborn prefolds and covers to start with. Also using cloth wipes in a wipe warmer with my special concoction of coconut oil, Dr. Bronner's soap, tea tree oil, and lavender oil. I really love preparing her wipes and they clean her up so well.
  • She got her first bath - it wasn't the fun activity I hoped for. We used the puj tub we got and she screamed so we made it a quick bath.
  • Delaney got her newborn pictures taken by the talented Carrianne Photography and we were bubbling over with pride as she was a perfect angel during the shoot. So happy we were able to reschedule her photoshoot because of her early arrival and hospitalizations. They were worth every penny and I'll treasure those pictures forever.
  • My parents came to visit Delaney again now that she is out of the hospital. My mom finished making a beautiful quilt for Delaney and wanted to bring it to her. It works perfectly in her nursery and she used many of the fabrics from her bedding and adding some others. It has an elephant, giraffe, and bird on it.
  • My brother and his family met Delaney and her cousins were ecstatic to finally meet the baby from my belly. My oldest niece was a bit of a baby hog but very motherly with her. She is going to be a great mother someday!
Week 4:
  • Ventured out to Buy Buy Baby for some baby supplies and to make some returns. We went in the middle of the day when everyone was at work so we kept her nice and healthy. She also made her first visit to Portillo's and slept right through our dinner.
  • Delaney also got a visit from some good friends of ours as well as her Grandma Wilma and her Great Aunt Patsy. Grandma is very excited to have another grandchild since her other 3 are all teenagers now. She kept trying to persuade us to name her Lily but that was a nice we considered for our dog Stella so I couldn't do it. I think she likes Delaney though.
  • Continuing with tummy time but gets easily frustrated and rescue her by flipping her back to her back. We'll keep working on it.
  • Breastfeeding continues to go well and we no longer need Daddy to supplement with a bottle of breast milk. Yeah!
  • Sleeping well and still wants to eat every 3 to 3 1/2 hours.
I LOVE the quilt my Mom made for Delaney.
It's just perfect and I know she will treasure it always.

Tummy time!

Proud Daddy cuddling in her nursery.

Cozied up while sleeping. 

Beautiful blue eyes like your Mom and Dad. Let's hope they stay blue.

My First Bath - and not so happy about it.

Trying to find her fingers to soothe herself but still haven't mastered that.
We ended the bath quickly and got her bundled up once again.

I think this picture says it all....I love my new job as Mom!
Both my fur baby and Delaney bundled up for the afternoon.

Cousins come to visit and just love little Delaney.

Look at those smiles. Everyone is excited for her to be home.

So there you have it, weeks 3 and 4 have passed and we are loving our new life has a family with little Delaney. She's our angel baby and we can't get over how blessed we are. We are looking forward to what is to come.

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