Monday, March 26, 2012

Delaney: 2 week

By the time Delaney was 2 weeks old, she was finally home and no longer at the hospital. Thank goodness because 12 days at the hospital was no fun! Writing about the first week of her life brought back a lot of memories both very positive and some I wish I could forget. We were able to bring her home on February 6th which was the best day for us. The very next day she started to breastfeed like a champ! It was like everything clicked and we were both much more relaxed being at home. We decided to have her sleep in a bassinet so that it would be easier to feed and change her in the middle of the night. Plus we quickly learned that the mobile it came with worked wonders. She loved looking at the lights, teddy bears, and listening to the music. She continued to eat every 3 hours and with David home too, we settled into a nice routine of him changing her diapers and clothes while I was in charge of feeding and pumping.

David unfortunately lost his job in August and has spent a lot of time trying to find the right opportunity but it just hasn't happened, its a tough job market. By the end of December we decided that he would stay at home with Delaney and that the job search would continue but we would need to ensure it was the right opportunity for us to put her into daycare. This has turned out to be a great decision because we are both home with her together which allows both of us to bond with her. Teamwork has allowed but of us to get sleep and we are learning about how to care for a newborn together. We've always joked about him being a stay at home dad but never thought it would happen because financially it's difficult to do. Losing his job was a blessing in disguise and I'm excited that when I return to work, Delaney will have the best care possible from the best Daddy around!

Hanging out with Daddy after he helped to bottle feed me.

Such a little peanut but I keep eating so I get stronger and stronger each day.

Mommy finally got a good nights sleep and is so happy to be with me.

My sock monkey friend kept me company in the incubator.
This was my mommy' view for many days as I got stronger.

It's February 6th and I'm finally going home!!!
My 3rd and final trip home.

When we got home my Mom swaddled me and kept me nice and cozy.

Week 2 was an emotional week and we couldn't be happier to be home as a family.

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