Saturday, February 13, 2010

Proof – I Did It!

ice fishing, Drew's 12 bday 010

I knew you wouldn’t believe me without photos and I made sure this time we got some. This is the second time in a month that I have went ice-fishing. I know it’s hard to believe but lately I’m willing to try anything once, especially if it means getting out of the house during the dreary winter months!

ice fishing, Drew's 12 bday 011

   Here I am using my auger drilling skills, the ice was really deep and I thought I was going to fall in towards the end but I never let go of the auger – rule #1.

ice fishing, Drew's 12 bday 014

Even thought I was bundled up, it got a little cold with the wind on the lake and I decided to fish in the ice shack instead, it was really warm in there! The twins that live next door decided to join me but unfortunately “the fish were sleeping” according to the kids. I think they were right. ice fishing, Drew's 12 bday 018 The hubby and I got a few shots before heading out for lunch. No one from our group caught any fish big enough to enter into the ice-fishing tournament but there is always next year. At least we had fun.

ice fishing, Drew's 12 bday 019


mrs. b. said...

good for you! a girl's gotta have *something* to do during the winter! and you made it look like fun, too! :)

Brooke G. said...

Ah-HA! That is how you spell Augher! I totally flubbed it ;) You look like you are having fun!!!! Next year the fishies might be awake.

Terri said...

Good for you Melissa, trying something new. Too bad the fish weren't biting. Next year I hope you catch a stringer full! I love your photos - what a gorgeous sunny winter weekend we had!

Fryer Family said...

Cool! I'm not very excited about cold weather so the ice shack would be the place for me. Way to go for trying a new sport. (I think fishing is a sport?? :) )