Monday, February 8, 2010

My New Best Friend

I have a new best friend that arrived today thanks to the UPS man. My new “blue mean cleaning machine” otherwise known as the Dyson and I’ve been cleaning the house all night long! Our whole house is hardwood floors but we have area rugs throughout and were sick of our vacuum cleaner that didn’t seem to do much cleaning for us. I’ve been eyeing these vacuums for a while and decided to take the plunge finally. We have a handheld Dyson and absolutely love it so we knew that the bigger one would have our hearts going pitter-patter as we clean. We were so right.


Can you see all of that dust in the canister? Well I vacuumed our 3 area rugs with our old vacuum first and then I put the Dyson to work – can you believe it?!?! That’s after I vacuumed – I’m absolutely sickened by the amount of dust and dirt that I’ve been living with. I am terribly allergic to dust and I love this vacuum because it has the Asthma & Allergy Foundation seal of approval – that was very exciting for me.

007 So there you have it – my dirty little secret out in the open. Does anyone else have something they can’t get clean no matter what? Do tell and see if we can come up with a solution for you. Or what are some of your favorite tools you use to clean your home?


Nancy said...

Dysons are great. Mine is the best vacuum I've ever had. You'll be so glad you got yours!


Terri said...

Hey Melissa - I have an awesome tool - his name is DON and he has a Dyson in his cleaning arsenal. Never saw a guy get so excited about vac shopping as I did when we bought ours. You cleaning nut!! Careful not to get Tanner to close to that damn thing:)

Fryer Family said...

Cool vacuum! Every time we vacuum the entire canister is filled with dust and dog hair, but we don't have a Dyson. Imagine what that thing would pick up in our house!! Smokey sheds constantly!