Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lots of Change & Time for Vacation

You probably have been wondering - where in the world is Melissa these days? Life has been a little crazy and all of this change has me in a bit of a rut. Unfortunately the company that I work for had to lay off 1600 people which was a huge and utter shock especially since it's a successful and profitable company. I understand the reasons behind the decision and I agree it's the right thing for the future, but boy has it been tough. I'm happy to say that I have been retained and actually moved into a new position. When was it effective I asked? "Well immediately".....hugh?!?! I am one that LOVES change but I feel like the rug has been pulled out from under me and I have zero control - there lies the issue. I lost many of my co-workers who I had very close working relationships, lost 1/2 of the sales force that I once supported, and I started a new role immediately. I hope I don't sound like I'm complaining because I'm ecstatic about my new role and overjoyed to continue to be employed during these tough times but gosh - this girl needs to catch her breath. Survivor's guilt is a real thing and watching people walk out the doors carrying boxes everyday has been a bit much. Did I mention that I had to cancel my vacation in the midst of all of this? OK, deep breath Melissa....regroup and move forward. As a result of all of this change, my hubby and I are planning on taking a "real" vacation - far, far, away. Here's some of the locations we are thinking about. Can you guess where they are? The pictures include 3 different countries. The first person to guess 2 of the 3 countries will win a $20 Starbucks gift certificate - who doesn't love caffeine? Bonus: help us pick from these 3 locations and we'll bring back a souvenir for you! (Hint: they aren't the first place that may come to mind so dig deeper.)

Gosh - there are so many places I want to go and so little time.....please help us!


Brooke G. said...

Ghaaaahk I know you have been CRA-AZY lately... but I have been wondering where you were... j/k.... I am sorry for all the changes in such a short period of time. Unfortunatly it probably won't ever be the same around there. I kinda remember the feeling way back when.......

Hang in there! And just keep motivating yourself by looking at all these stunning photos.
Here are my guesses - seriously - I am just tossing stuff out there :D

1. Fiji
2. Maui
3. Kauai
4. Aruba
5. Bermuda
6. Costa Rica

ps- go to MAUI!!!

Miquel said...

Wow Melissa, that sounds horrible. So happy that you were kept on though. Good luck in your new position!

Here are my guesses - St. Lucia, US Virgin Islands, and Jamaica. You said countries, so I think Hawaii is not included. But we have been to Maui twice, and I think you would LOVE it.

Can't wait to find out the location!

Anonymous said...

You go girl!!!

Fryer Family said...

We are sorry for the difficult time you have been going through at work, but so happy about your promotion! I think you both deserve a wonderful vacation. I haven't traveled much so here are a few random guesses: United States, Mexico, Jamaica?!

Anna Patricia said...

OH such a fabulous set of pictures, I'm missing the tropics!