Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's Growing Like a Weed

We planted a veggie garden again this year and I learned from our first one that we planted last year that practice makes perfect. While it grew and produced lots of veggies last year, I learned that cucumbers grow like weeds and you need to make sure they don't take over the whole garden therefore they get planted on the end. I planted the veggies and flowers about 4 weeks ago and they are looking good. Thanks to my composting neighbor, I got some great compost to add to the garden and we have only used rain water to water the garden - thanks to mother nature and our rain barrel. I also visit the garden everyday and share my words of encouragement - so far it seems to be working. The first thing I do when I get home is give Tanner lots of love and then we head to the backyard to look at all of our growing veggies and flowers - it's a very therapeutic thing to do after a stressful day at work. Who knew I would learn to love weeding and watering flowers? 

Potted Flowers on the Deck
The largest cucumber plant - notice I'm "training" it to grow vertical this year!
Tomato Plant

My Tomato Turvy - only 4 weeks and this thing is growing like crazy!!!
These look funny but it sure works.
I like to plant things differently to increase my odds of getting lots of goodies.

I even have 5 tomatoes so far!

What do you think? Not so bad for a girl with a brown thumb. I planted cucumbers, different kinds of tomatoes including cherry, basil, dill, green and yellow peppers. Hopefully I'll have lots to share towards the end of the summer.


Fryer Family said...

Your garden is looking great!!! I'm going to miss ours this year, but until we move we aren't doing any planting.

V said...

Looks great. I need a tomato turvy in my life. Something to keep my dog from eating all of our tomatoes (again).

Fryer Family said...

By the way, the tomato turvy is pretty cool looking! Do you have good luck with it?

Emily {Frilly Details} said...

Wow, what a great looking garden! Everything is so green and lush. Your "brown thumb" is turning a bright green!!

This is my first year not having a topsy turvy and I kind of miss it. There is something to be said about growing a plant upside down. I always had a ton of tomatoes from the TT.