Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Melissa - oh I mean Sue!

My friend and colleague at work Susan is turning 39 on Monday and this is the card that I make for her. We actually started on the same day at work and became fast friends. Since we started on the same day at work, we went through our orientation and training together and since then everyone gets us confused. Tons of people call her Melissa and everyone else calls me Sue. I keep telling her that it's my stunning beauty, glowing personality, and intelligence that is creating all of the confusion but she thinks it's my sarcasm. What's even funnier is that people that started after us get us confused so I'll forever be called Sue and her Melissa at work.

For my birthday at work, my team all signed a birthday card for me and one of my co-workers wrote "Sue, Happy Birthday, you don't look a day older" and it wasn't a joke! My name was written all of the card and she still accidentally called me Sue.

David and I went out with her last night for dinner and an evening out and had a blast. Sue is such a special friend and her husband Kris is awesome too. So here's to Sue and another great year! Sue will be forever 39 and I 29 years old.....and "that's all we're saying"! (inside joke)


Brooke Groelle said...

Now you know how Beth and I felt when we worked together ;)
Funny though... and if I remember correctly... isn't that your middle name? You're gonna kill me for that!!!! Hee hee!
LOVE the card

Cindy said...

Very nicely done! I have this set and absolutely love it! I like the idea of spot-lighting one flower in the stamp! Very clever!
-Cindy Sutton
(Angie Lindsey's mother)