Thursday, February 10, 2011

You Capture - Cold

This week's You Capture challenge is very fitting - it's Cold and that it is! When I think of cold all I think of these days is snow and icicles. Given that I've posted plenty of snow pictures lately I thought it would be best to focus on the many icicles hanging from the rooftop these days.

 Does that icicle so burrrr or what?
Did you notice the water dripping from it? That's what I worked hard to capture.
 Then when I looked into my tree in the front yard I was reminded of how cold it must be for the birds and other animals just trying to stay warm. The bird house looks rather chilly to me.

Last but not least, what's a "cold" capture without a bit more snow? At least it's from a different perspective.

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Renegades said...

Isn't it something to see ice and it melting when it feels cold out?

Amy said...

Great shots! I am so over the cold. ANd we don't even get snow here :(

Jessica Monte said...

Wow! I like the bokeh in that first shot. Very nice.

{natalie pozniak} said...

Great shots!

Brooke said...

I love your icicyle shot. Chase is bummed that everyone has all these really cool icicyle formations hanging from their homes and we don't have any. I have to admit, I would love a few too - I mean, hello - photo op! :D

Carrie said...

You got some great captures - the first one is beautiful, but I think it's the birdhouse shot that really captured MY attention. It just looks so cold!