Friday, October 22, 2010

St. Lucia - part 2

We have been back from our week long vacation for 2 weeks now and Blogger is not cooperating and letting me properly upload photos. My apologies in advance for these not being in any sort of order but I wanted to share some photos from our trip. It was truly the most relaxing vacation we have ever been on and was truly a time together we will never forget! Here's a few (ok alot) of photos from our trip.

Us being silly

One of the many beautiful waterfalls at the Botanical Gardens

How low can you go? Let's say I didn't last that long during this contest.

Our favorite bartender! He would bring me my favorite drink even before I asked for it. I think it was making my "passion" drink on this sunny afternoon.

David relaxing at the pool on our last day.

Me relaxing at the pool. The blue tile at this pool was truly beautiful.
My last drink before heading home the next morning.

Zip lining!

Us on our 8th anniversary after zip lining through the rain forest in the pouring rain.

This little bird would sit on my chair on our veranda everyday. They are so friendly and I loved feeding them and watching them. They were beautiful.

Another one my friends that would come and visit.

They had a "lazy river" that was hidden away on the property. There were lots of cool places to relax and this was our favorite place to hide-away. It was surrounded by water and was directly in front of a waterfall. I couldn't resist taking this picture of David reading and totally relaxed. He doesn't read that often so it was a memory I had to catch.

This was a Salmon Tree at our resort that looked like it was straight from the movie Avatar. This picture doesn't do it justice - it was breathtaking!!!
This crab loved playing hide and seek while I tried capturing a picture. I got one at least!

This was one of the very friendly locals that we met while going for a walk on the beach. He made a grasshopper for us out of 2 banana leaves. It was something his grandmother taught him to do. He could make all sorts of animals and I loved seeing them use resources that are easily available thanks to nature and use it to make a living. I also bought a birdhouse from him carved out of a coconut.

US - loving life.

David posing on a beautiful piece of driftwood. It was a rainy day but we tried to make the most of it.


Brooke G. said...

ahhh those are amazing!

Fryer Family said...

Your pictures are wonderful! So glad you had a wonderful vacation!